Obama Linked to Anti-Feminist Attacks

September 9, 2008 at 2:40 am Leave a comment

I am not the only one who saw it on the new David Gregory show on MSNBC

Gregory was interviewing Obama paid senior staff, Stephanie Cutter and she used totally crude, offensive, anti-feminist, anti-women, phrases like Sarah Palin’s Reproductive Organs, which would never be used referring to a man. Scumbag Obama.

This Obama staff member also said women who support Sarah Palin are put in a silo.

Put women in a silo?

Talk about elite snobbery against women from small towns who have a thought different than Obama wants us to have.

We women believe in 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling without Obama putting us in a silo and saying that we women think only with our reproductive organs.

here is a link to another blogger who heard the same surilous Obama staff on MSNBC that I heard


there was more unacceptable disparaging remarks about Walmart Women.

Obama you elitist snob, there are ten times more Walmart Women than you will get votes.


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Obama Sinks to New Low, Obama Calls Sarah Palin A “Pig”

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