CNN Bias for OBAMA

September 10, 2008 at 10:55 pm Leave a comment

Last nightI watched CNN pretend to be fair by hosting three guest: two liberal and one conservative Bay Buchanan.

The female anchor whatever her name aggressively criticized Sarah palin for her stand on global warming. Bay Buchanon said scientists disagree on whether it is man caused.

The CNN anchor disgarded any pretence on reporting, and revealed her advocate self by screaming all the scientists agree it is man caused.

And of course the majority of accredited senior scientists point out that the earth has had many cycles of warming and cooling. It is an indusputable and well known fact that 600 years ago the earth was much warmer than it is today. Vikings grew grapes in Greenland and England was covered with vineyards and wineries, all gone now because of today’s cold.

Astrophysicists are unanimous in pointing out that in the lst hundred years there has been an increase in the heat cast from the sun.

But CNN became an advocate for the popular but unproven view that puny mankind has overwhelmed the sun.

Two liberals against one conservative is balanced. Then shout down any semblence of scientific discussion because Buchanon did not accept PC nonsense.

One only has to recall video of the undergrads at Columbia swarming over and trshing the podium when the Minuteman were scheduled to speak. I am not taking sides with the minutemen. I am observing that when college students refuse to let free speech occur when it disagrees with them, and when the Democratics are attempting to pass laws to restrict free speech on talk radio, we are in danger of being overwhelmed by Nazi Brownshirts whose first mission was to repress free speech.

The Democrats appear to be aginst free speech.

CNN please have equal numbers of liberal and conservative guests, and do not permit you phony “reporters” from shouting down conservative guests with whom you disagree.

Our troops are sacrificing their lives so we may have free speech.

Yet at home the Democrats and CNN and MSNBC and college students at Columbia University are taking free speech away from us.

God save America, because the Democrats will not.


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