Michelle Obama You Are Not Like Us

September 10, 2008 at 8:16 pm Leave a comment

Michelle Obama lives with a creep who calls the most popular woman in America a pig with lipstick

Michelle Obama sends her chief of staff out to say McCain and Sarah Palin put all women in a silo, implying anyone who like Sarah Palin belongs in a silo.

Newsflash Michelle: Sarah Palin is the most popular woman in America, and you are not.

Newsflash Michelle Obama: you and your chief of staff are wrong. Sarah Palin does not appeal to women because of her reproductive organs, as you so stupidly put it with your down in the gutter comment about the same reproductive organs.

How can you make your staff insult every woman in America?

We like Sarah Palin because of her experience and accomplishments, which is something neither you nor your husband have at all, except for writing his memoirs, twice, while real people accomplish real things.

Get off your affirmative action plumbed up behind and get a real job, not that no show feather bed position at a non profit that is supposed to not be involved in politics.

Michelle Obama you are not like us.


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