solving the mortgage crisis by adjusting mortgages to what the home is worth

September 22, 2008 at 1:05 pm Leave a comment

Two years ago a couple bought the house next door that is almost identical to ours. He drives a brand new BMW; hers is one year old.

I drive a six year old Mercury Grand Marquis; my husband has the same model but nine years old.

We still have old tube televisions. The new neighbors bought four brand new HDTV large flat screen when they moved in.

We never eat at restaurants; they dine out five nights a week.

Both of us work. The new neighbors husband works, but the wife works at shopping madness.

They are getting foreclosed, and Obama wants to raise our taxes and use my hard earned money to save the spendthrifts next door keep their home.

After all our sacrifices and savings, why should I have to pay higher taxes so they can lead a better lifestyle with more and more costly possessions than I have?

If I knew Obama was going to do this, I would ahve bought two new BMWs, HDTVs and eat out all the time insteada of sacrificing and saving.

Obama, go back to Kenya and burn some other Christians in their churches.


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