CNN Sexist Pig Attacks on Sarah Palin

September 24, 2008 at 5:56 am 1 comment

If Barack and Michelle Obama have any ethics whatsoever, if these two self-proclaimed agents and leaders of “Change You Can Believe In” have any authenticity, they must immediately make a public statement condemning CNN and Anderson Cooper’s slimy, off color departure from the ethics of journalism.

Otherwise Barack and Michelle Obama are not only more of the same old, same old, even worse, they are responsible for lowering the level of political discourse.

No major network news anchor ever told off-color jokes about Barack Obama planting a big, lingeringĀ open mouth kiss directly on the mouth of Joe Biden’s hot blond wife at the Democratic Convention in Denver, which was certainly potential fodder for off color mockery of CHANGE. All puns intended.

Before Obama, no major news network star anchor ever made off-color misogynist jokes about Hillary Clinton or Bay Buchanan. Yes, bloggers did, but the major news networks at least pretended to maintain some level of class and professionalism.

But Anderson Cooper sunk to new lows, casting a permanent, indelible stain upon himself and the networks that sinks to employ him, CNN.

Every American, regardless of political or Party affiliation has a duty too sustain, if not high, then at least respectable levels of conduct by major news networks. To do this




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  • 1. harddriller  |  September 24, 2008 at 6:58 am

    CNN has taken a hard far left turn and is no longer a trustworthy news orginazation, this guy is world class lying scum .


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