Obama Wants to do More Than One Thing at a Time

September 25, 2008 at 3:16 pm Leave a comment

Let me understand this.

Obama gives his priority to appearing on TV. Even after the “contentious” White House meeting, Obama’s response is not to work on the solution, but instead to race around appearing on  all the Thursday night talk shows, telling everyone how a President must be able to do more than one thing at a time.

Still worse, Obama says we should be bipartisan, and then spends all the rest of every interview being purely partisan.

Apparently Obama believes that this crisis is not the most important event in America for half a century or longer. Or maybe, Obama believes there is nothing he can do to help. We must defer to his judgement on that, since he knows best on what he cannot do. Seems like a child trying to avoid doing his homework because he doesn’t know how.

Actually, we want someone who can do one thing right, and that is to save our economy. That is more important than appearing on TV, whether it is Thursday night when everyone else is working to fix the crisis but Obama is on the talk shows, or when Obama is busy rehearsing for th Friday night debate and McCain is busy working on the legislation.

Does anyone see a difference in personal goals and priorities here?

One candidate puts country first, the other puts his campaign first.

Obama, you have never done anything in your life except write your memoirs, twice, and all you said in the hundreds of pages of memoirs is “Eek, I am black!” What a genius.

We do not need a President who is so busy multi-tasking his TV appearances that he fails to notice how serious is the crisis, and fails to take the time to work on the solution.

America needs a President who can do at least one thing right.


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