Impeach Every official Who Supports the Mortgage Bailout

September 26, 2008 at 11:59 am 1 comment

I copied this from another site. Feel free to copy this and send it in emails to all your friends and post it on your own blogs.

We really have to save America from this rape of the taxpayers.

Henry Paulson should be kicked out of office and out of America.

The bailout plan is absolutely Marxist Communism and will destroy and bankrupt America.

It destroys all sense of personal responsibility.

Especially we must not have any program to “assist” people from being kicked out of their homes, or reduce the size of their mortgage. Amend the bankruptcy laws so nobody can get out of their home mortgage. If somebody bought a house for no money down with 1 percent interest for three years, as far as I am concerned they are not victims, they are freeloaders, and the finance executives who lent to them should go to jail

Every elected official who supports the Bush/Chris Dodd/Barack Obama/Democrats bailout plans should be impeached, AND I mean it.

If you want to impeach everyone who supports the mortgage bailout send a blank email to

Then go to these sites and tell your elected officials that you “OPPOSE THE BAILOUT”


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  • 1. Carol Teaches  |  September 26, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    […] September 26, 2008 by carol1977 Impeach Every official Who Supports the Mortgage Bailout […]


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