Nancy Pelosi’s Unbelievably Arrogant Lie

September 30, 2008 at 10:37 am Leave a comment

 What makes me really, really sick is the way the Evil Wall Street brokers are artificially manipulating the stock market into a decline, causing millions of innocent people to lose money, just to frighten us into passing their crooked bailout. This is illegal market manipulation. It is a crime, and brokers should go to jail. In a true free market stocks would go up because a socialist Nancy Pelosi bailout was defeated. Free markets go up when tax increases are defeated. Any form of a bailout, including the new, disguised versions being cooked up in the back rooms, will be a massive tax increase. There is a limit to how much money China will loan us unless there is tax revenue to pay the Chinese interest. So any new version of a bailout will result in Barry Obama’s tax increases. Remember, every time they say they will only tax the rich, it turns out the “rich” are everybody not on welfare. The bailout is class welfare. Stock market speculator against everybody else.

Do not buy or sell any stocks for at least a year

Until they stop manipulating the market to

scare us into passing their bailout.

No matter where you go on the internet, TV, newspapers and car radios, we are bombarded with Nancy Pelosi’s unbelievably arrogant lie that the failure of the bailout legislation will result in economic disaster. Pelosi wants to scare us with false claims that we won’t be able to get car loans, credit cards or mortgages and won’t be able to refinance our mortgages.

THESE ARE LIES! Google “no money down mortgages” 768,000 hits! There are unlimited repeat UNLIMITED credit cards, car loans, absolutely every kind of credit available to let Americans continue down the path to personal bankruptcy by over-borrowing.

Of course the economy is facing bad times, but not because of failure of the bailout rape of taxpayers.

The real cause is the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) passed by Democrats led by Bill Clinton that requires every bank to make bad loans to freeloaders who cannot pay, supposedly to make home ownership available to more people. When banks complained this would bankrupt them, the Democrats/Clinton said we will force Fannie Mae to buy them so the banks get rich on commissions from bad mortgages and the taxpayers will cover the losses in Fannie Mae. It works: people who can never pay for a home got millions of homes, and it will take years for those freeloaders and deadbeats to be foreclosed and work their way through the system.

But wait: it gets even worse! There are $4 trillion ($4,000,000,000,000) of CRA/Clinton forced bad mortgages, mostly guaranteed by Fannie Mae. We will have years of economic distress and recession caused by the Dems, and THE BAILOUT WILL NOT FIX THIS! The bailout is only $760 billion, only one-sixth of the Clinton bad mortgages. Pass the bailout and in a few months they will be back for another trillion, and another trillion after that!

Although the government created the problem by forcing banks to write bad loans, the problem is too big for government to fix. The market will have to sort this out.


Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats desperately need the bailout so nobody finds out that the Dems/Clinton are the cause of the financial destruction of America. So Pelosi pretends to be bipartisan supporting George Bush’s bailout bill when actually they suckered Bush into it through the Trojan Horse of Henry Paulson, who was not just a partner in Goldman Sachs, the biggest pro-Democrat Wall Street firm, but Paulson was the head of it! The wolf in the chicken house!


The Dems are now hard at work, in back rooms, with no public discussion, the opposite of Democracy, secretly adding features to the failed disaster bailout such as letting bankruptcy courts re-write mortgages. Cannot Dems pass grammar school arithmetic? If a bank has a $200,000 mortgage and the courts say it is only a $100,000 so a freeloader or illegal alien can keep a house they never should have gotten, where will the bank get the missing $100,000? If the bank doesn’t get the money from someone, the bank will go out of business. THE ANSWER: NOBODY WILL GIVE THE BANK THE $100,000 EXCEPT THE TAXPAYERS. Now you know why Barry Obama wants to raise taxes!

Any form of a bailout, no matter how much Nancy Pelosi and Henry Paulson and all the paid talking head morons on TV tell us lies that the world will end if some kind of bailout isn’t passed, the opposite is true: America will end if the bailout or some crazy, even worse mutation of it is passed.

It is so very important that we do not let our taxes be doubled by Nancy Pelosi passing some new and even worse bailout plan under another name. TAKE ACTION!

Save yourself from even worse pain and go to the following link and enter your zip code in the box on the left side to find your Congressmen. Send comments to both your Senators and Representatives. Then copy and paste the following into the box for your email message:

We do not want any form of mortgage bailout, no matter how much you change it or rename it. Repeal the CRA Community Reinvestment Act and abolish Fannie mae, Freddie mac and the FHA. NO BAILOUT OF ANY KIND! NO BANKRUPTCY REWRITE OF MORTGAGES. No assistance to freeloaders who cannot pay their mortgages. No cash to cities to buy foreclosed homes. NOTHING! Let the FDIC and Fed take over failed banks and eliminate mark to market, but no government interference in the working of the free markets, or we will impeach you! Got it? We mean it!



 If you want to do still more send a blank email to and we will get back to you with actions

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