Michelle Obama Emerges From Exile with Great News

October 8, 2008 at 9:05 pm Leave a comment

Today OCt 8 2008 I watched Michelle tell the same lies from the convention that she is from a blue collar family just like the rest of us, and it was really hard watching her sick father who had to get up an hour early so he could dress to go to his job.

Now i have great sympathy for her enduring her father’s death, because I too was with my father as he died a slow death. Since we are on even grounds, I may be offended by her lie. Actually, if her father was so sick that it took not one hour, but an extra hour to dress, it is just not physically possible that he could perform the hard and complicated physical dexterity to work on giant water pumps in Chicago’s Navy Pier Water Works.

The truth is that her father had a “No Show” political appointee job as did all the rest of the Democratic Precinct Captains in Chicago.

So Michelle lied when she said she came froma blue collar family like the rest of us. How many of us had fathers with a “No Show” political job paying a 25 percent higer salary that a school teacher for not working?

Michelle also lied when she referred to her paarent’s struggle to put two kids through Princeton.  The truth is her parents did not pay a single penny.

Her brother got a basketball free ride that included not only room, board and tuition, but also a stipend for spending money, plus all the notorius freebies given to all star ball players that so corrupt college sports.

Michelle got admitted to Princeton as a leagcy, since her brother was a student there. The only admissions requirement for her was to spell her brother’s name correctly on the line asking “Legacy?”

And she got free room, board and tuition. The last time a black female paid tuiton at Princeton is, well, never! Lawzy me, Gawd bless affirmative action.

Which leads to her complaint that she and Barry could not pay their student loans until Barry’s book “Dreams from My Father” was ghost written for him by terrorist William Ayres.

If Michelle had any student loans they were for clothing, entertainment and booz, since Princeton paid the rest.

And Barry had no student loans. His harvard costs were paid by Muslim Prince from Saudi Arabia.

How can you tell either Barry or Michelle are lying?

Their lips are moving.


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