Barack Obama’s Five Years of Secret Executive Experience As CEO, President and Chairman of a $50 Million A Year Corporation, Which Is More Executive Experience Than John McCain Ever Had

October 9, 2008 at 5:41 pm 2 comments

Everybody knows that in the corrupt world of corporate management, which includes non-profit corporations, who you know and political conniving are more important than talent. Obama was introduced into the world of Chicago Anti-establishment Radical Politics by his Pastor Wright, who also introduced Obama to several new radical friends, including Louis Farrakhan and William Ayres.

In his memoirs, Barry wrote that he strongly shared Farrakhan’s dream that “I wish there was some way to get rid of the hateful white man’s blood that runs in my veins.”

Now here is the true seven years of Obama’s executive experience, including why he is ashamed of it and hides it from the citizenry of America.

It is completely different from what the “In the Bag for Obama” incompetent TV Media jerks like Chris Matthews falsely refer to as “working on school board issues with a respected University of Illinois Professor.”

William Ayres, whose terrorist group murdered three police officers and firebombed the home of a judge while the judge’s family and children were asleep in the home,  had just scammed $50 million from the respectable Annenberg Foundation by falsely claiming it was to improve education in Chicago, and called it the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, or CAC. However, Ayres intended to use the money for purposes that you and I might not think were  “to improve education,” so Ayres needed a front man with political connections to cover his tracks. Ayres hired a young black pol whose connections, and credentials for being complicit in political corruption, came from his wife having just completed two years as the Personal Assistant to “Big Satan;” otherwise know as Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago. It is not possible to be Devil Dick Daley’s personal assistant without serious ethical damage to one’s character.

This dirty Chicago pol was named Barack Obama, only two years fresh out of law school, at a career stage when serious professional lawyers were working 60 hours a week learning their trade.

Not Barry. Barry was scurrying around the political dens of corrupt Chicago seeking high faluting credentials (just as his father had before him) to make him seem like more than what he was: more than an inexperienced baby attorney in training who had never tried a single case. And never would.

So Ayres hired this green, know-nothing newbie, an airhead (oops, a pun: Air = Ayres) who could not finish writing his own life story, and who had only passed the Bar exam a year ago, to be CEO, President and Chairman of the $50 million CAC.

So Obama was a true executive, in fact the Chief Executive of a company controlled by a terrorist.

Obama was putty in Ayres hands, and following Ayres directions, gave away all of the $50 million to other even more radical left wing organizations devoted to influencing young people to be radical anti-establishment demonstrators. Although the $50 million was obtained for the purpose of “improving education” Obama did not use any of the money to improve education.

In fact Obama did not give a single penny to any school. Not a penny to a public school, to a charter school, to an experimental school, nor to a private school.

That is Obama’s seven years of Executive Experience: His Achievement is Not Following The Stated Mission of the Charity, and Not Giving A Single Penny Of Educational Money To Any School.

And that is why the Obama campaign never makes reference to his executive experience even when McCain/Palin constantly scream “Obama has no executive experience.” If the media ever found out how Obama misused Charity money for seven years he would be run out of all politics except a job as a Chicago Precinct Captain like his wife’s crooked father, with a no show job sitting around a water pump.

Ayres continued on the Board of Directors of CAC to control Barry, and succeeded in getting tens of millions more of grants, not a penny of which did Barry ever give to a school.

For that Mayor Daley named Ayres “Citizen of the Year.” Huh? Yeah, the radical groups the CAC money went to did teach young people that the Republican system was evil, and they should vote for Daley . . .

William Ayres, Secretary of Education in the Obama Administration?

OMG! Look at how Obama is why we are having the stock market crash:


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