Sarah Palin’s Church Burned by Al Gayda

December 16, 2008 at 3:00 am 7 comments

One of the biggest and most atrocious propaganda victories in history is the theft of the nice and ancient word “gay” as the now universal label for queers, faggots, lesbians, bisexuals, self-mutilated transexuals,  and homosexuals.

There is nothing “gay” about being gay.

In fact the history of these perverts is not gay, it is a history of violence and intimidation.

Last year I listened raptly to the granddaughter of the former head of the American Psychiatric Association on National Public Radio. I think that she boasted her great pride how her grandfather participated in lies, intimidation and deception to get homosexuality removed from the APA’s Catalog of Official Diseases. I think she boasted of how he concealed his homosexuality for most of his life, and concealed it from the Republic of Ireland.

Concealed his homosexuality from the Republic of Ireland?

Yep. I think she said that he testified to the Irish parliament, on his authority as President of the American Psychiatric Association, that homosexuality was normal, that there was absolutely no scientific evidence that being queer was either a disease nor an abnormality, and that Ireland should amend its Constitution to permit homosexuals to be President.

Impressed by this expertise of a straight man who was President of the American Psychiatric Association, Ireland did so.

He falsely gave them the impression that this was the official position of the American Psychiatric Association based on scientific studies.

No such thing was true at that time:  he flat out lied and deceived the Irish Parliament.

I think that the granddaughter bragged that there was no such scientific evidence, and carried on about how the faggots dressed up in masks and costumes to terrorize the Convention of the Psychiatric Society until they forgot and rejected the science, and made it illegal for any psychiatrist to treat a patient with homosexuality as a disease.

In fact, thanks to this deception, a psychiatrist can lose his  medical license for referring to a homosexual as abnormal or sick. Freedom of speech in America? What a joke.

Under the false banner of getting their freedom, gays are stripping our freedom of speech.

Sarah Palin’s church in Alaska was holding workshops to help people who were unhappy with their homosexuality to find ways to deal with it.

The church was not condemning “gays” as perverts.

The new American terrorists who have been rioting in the streets of California and in  the media in fury over the majority of the California voters to reject gay marriage, I think set fire to the church.

The fire started with an accelerant, possibly gasoline, spread in the entrances of the church, almost trapping the church ladies and two children inside.

Burning a church with people and children  inside!

This brings to mind images of the KKK, and of Obama’s cousin Odinga’s group burning the Kenyan church to the ground while 400 Christians were locked inside.

We need a new, more descriptive name for homosexuals. “Gay” is clearly not descriptive of the truth.

How about “Al Gayda?”

Because queers in America are terrorists.

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Dictator Obama Puts His Enemies In Jail Even Before He Takes Office Baloney! No Science to Prove Homosexuality Has a Physical Cause

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  • 1. Bill  |  December 18, 2008 at 4:01 am

    The gays should have rights like any other group. To not afford gays the rights everyone now has is like condoning what the black community and women before that had to struggle through.

    Being gay IS a medical condition and not just in the human world. 5% of all species come out gay. Its documented. Its science. The law and the constitution do nothing but afford people rights and those rights apply to everyone. What happened to the gays in california is awful. For the first time rights were taken away from a specific group of people that should be held equal in the eyes of the law.

    Nancy Replies:

    Baloney. There is not a single validly conducted scientific study to support any of your fantasies. Nobody has ever discovered the queer gene and never will.

    And stop referring to perverts as “gay.”

    There is nothing “gay” about mental disorders.

    But in the interest of rational and open discussion, as opposed to your delusional fantasies, here is a rational challenge to you:

    Come back and post a comment on this website that contains a link to an actual SCIENTIFIC study conducted by an actual scientist at a true scientific reserch facility and published by a scientific journal that has scientific peer review to support your claims.


    “Gotcha” as Sarah Palin would say!!

  • 2. goodtimepolitics  |  December 18, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Obama is surrounding himself with the gays, you heard about the gay band marching in Washington for him, and he’s looking at building the gays a school of their own! And now to top it off he might be putting a gays in the position of secrtery of the military (I think thats the position) Many of the young military men and women are upset about this pick I have read! Maybe Sarah should take her raise and rebuild the Church with it!

  • 3. Sal  |  December 20, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Nancy, you compared homosexuals to Al Qaeda. That’s in bad taste.


    What is inapproriate about lumping together people who burn churches?

  • 4. Jesse  |  December 21, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Being gay doesn’t make you someone who burns churches, that’s why its inappropriate to lump the entire group with those who do. And if you want to talk about a history of lies, deception, violence, and the suppression of freedom of speech the history of the church is a great place to start.


    Gays burned Sarah Palin’s church because they disagreed with its teachings. Boo book burners!

  • 5. Connie  |  May 28, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Silly lady. I get your point about the church being burned…that’s a crime and I find that very strange, specifically because Gay People are usually the most peaceful protesting group. Tell me, were specific gay people charged and convicted? You are giving super ammo on one thing Gays have done to straights, but I could point out plenty of violence from the opposite direction of Straight people hurting Gay people physically through harm or even murder. You see this issue and law in California, isn’t about God. Laws should not be about God. Take the stupid word Marriage and just give everyone a Civil Union. I just want to be afforded the same thousand of rights that you get by having that marriage certificate. And you can say all day long that a Civil Union provides that, but it doesn’t because you aren’t considered a family member. It’s funny you should listen to your God more…and really listen to his teachings, because many times the biggest sins/perversions he talks about over and over again, are stuff that straight people do everyday. For example adultery, blasphemy, eating foods like Pork and Seafood. You can’t take his teachings literal for everything that you don’t do (like being gay) and then ignore the teachings that you do do (like eating pork/seafood, adultery, pornography) doesn’t work that way. Look in the mirror and then let your God judge you. Also, by having a marriage certificate, I’m not asking you to judge whether you think that your God would approve. This is not a religious fight. Your, God doesn’t pay my taxes…he doesn’t do volunteer work for me…he doesn’t donate money to animal and cancer organizations for me…he doesn’t make me wake up every morning to go to work and contribute making 6 figures a year, all of which go to taxes since I’m “SINGLE!!!!”…so WHY should HE dictate how I live. Live by your God…let me live by mine. The straight world has many perversions that you don’t condemn, like married men hanging out at strip clubs and paying their paychecks on all those lap dances…or what about convicted rapists/murderers…or giving the right to someone to marry 2,3,4, 5 times. I just want to marry once! So fight a new fight. Like education, minimalizing crime, finding cures for diseases, working on your self esteem. Get over it. Gay people marrying are not going to directly change your life or society at all. Actually believe it or not they may improve your life…I heard that by allowing Gay Marriages it could contribute millions upon millions to the state economy. EVOLVE!!!! Your thought process is so archaic and a waste of your talent and energy. EVOLVE…forward thinking…EVOLVE…wallowing in hating everyone around you and hating your life is so draining…what are waiting on?

    • 6. ngoldfarb  |  May 28, 2009 at 6:18 pm

      Your statement about “gays” being the most peaceful demonstrators is the biggest lie yet!

      During the campaign for Prop 8 “gays” committed numerous acts of unprovoked violence on heterosexuals, but there was not a single act of violence by normal people against queers.

      “gays” who are really not at all gay but angry hostile distrubed people who normally respond inappropiately as you do throughout your comment, and as can be seen in many comments left by “gays” on this website, routinely devolve to name calling, ad hominum attakcs, insults, and verbal violence rather than treating the subject matter factually.

      I hate no one but you clearly do.

      • 7. Connie  |  June 12, 2009 at 2:44 am

        You still don’t use a single fact about unprovoked violence during Prop 8. The slight vandalism and verbal arguments are the depth of what happened and they went both ways. My point about gay protesters being more peaceful is that look around at the different protests…how about the current Oscar Grant killing at the SF Bart station…the protest erupted in burning cars, broken windows all around the city, guns popping off and numerous arrests. Have you ever scene a gay protest erupt like that? The worst that happens is that Gays sit in the middle of traffic and get arrested. You can try to prove your point about marriage, but to change the subject and say that gays being the most peaceful demonstrators is the “biggest lie” is your biggest exaggeration. To really make the correlation that gays are violent, you need a long laundry list of occasions where this is the case and that this is shown more times than violence towards gays. And then to say there wasn’t a single act by normal people against queers is also your inability to read both sides of the story. I didn’t rely on name calling in my response to you…nor to verbal violence. Point out one situation where I did that. Calling you silly? Was that verbal violence? Telling you to listen to your God more? Was that name calling? That is just showing you that using God as an argument for this issue is hypocritical to all the areas of your life or other people’s lives around you that you overlook or ignore. That is when I pointed out stuff like: adultery, pornography, eating food considered filthy. You fight so hard for the gay marriage thing, but where is your fight and your time spent blogging about strip clubs ruining society or cheating spouses ruining society…that is what I was pointing out. I wasn’t being verbally abusive. See I’m ok with others not agreeing that I’m gay…but your life isn’t changing at all by me be allowed to get married. Your life isn’t affected one bit. But to me it changes everything. If straight people didn’t find marriage certificates important, than why do they all get them? I find this so strange, that if you are really against gay people, wouldn’t it be worse to have them running around single and promiscuous verse a loving committed relationship? I mean either way, if they get married or not, they are still gay…and still in relationships…what are you really changing about the gay part of them, by not allowing them to get married? Nothing. The only thing your changing is preventing them from equal rights…and Only is being used sarcastically here. To you these rights are a jumbled theory that means nothing. To me, it’s rights to property, to decisions at death, to being able to have my partner allowed at the side of my death bed, to be afforded all priveledges of being my family member. And to say that I resort to name calling…as I recall you are trying to coin the term Al Gayda and call gay people terrorists and of course use the word faggots freely..nothing I said to you was worse than that. You go in circles and can’t even see it. And please DON’T USE FREEDOM OF SPEECH ever in your arguments…if you think that the consitution should be upheld for that, then it must be upheld for equality in marriage too. Again, you can’t pick and choose equality and just use the consitution to back up your argument and then change another part of the constitution for the same argument. I mean do you get how you are taking excerpts from the same document. You grab the one liners that make sense to you and then your brain shuts off for the rest. Same with the Bible…the least talked about subject in the bible..being gay…is the only sin you focus on.

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