Disgusted By the Inhumanity

March 12, 2009 at 5:34 am 1 comment

A reader wrote the following comment on my post “Nadya’s Suleman’s Lips Courtesy of Food Stamps“: It is so precious as an expression of the Obama Entitlement Perversion destroying the entire world that I am posting it and my reply here:

Reader Comments: “I can’t believe that you all are human. How is it your right to comment on her life? What gives you the right? How is it so impacting you that you could feel such incredible hate? Hate-mongers who would call her babies “a litter” as if they were animals. You think you get to judge someone else’s life simply because the media turns them into a story? You have the right to judge and condemn someone you have never met, based on the words that someone writes about her. Or is it the state funded assistance that bothers you? Because she receives “YOUR” tax dollar you have the right to tear her to shreds? Last time I checked, we live in a democratic society. One in which policy (including social services) are decided by the likes of you and your vote. You have a problem with how your tax dollar is spent, you should really take the time to rant in a direction that matters, like perhaps your elected representatives. Instead of throwing hateful words at some stranger. Either that or do us all a favor and move to Canada.”


I am betting that you also are a single mother welfare leech, aren’t you?

I support welfare for legitimate needs, but this is criminal felony fraud, child abuse, and the destruction of civilization.

Yes, I am outraged by this animal stealing millions and millions of dollars of my tax money to bring defective, handicapped children into this world that will be a burden on society for their entire lives.

This bitch has no right to breed a letter of eight children. Half her existing children are defective. Because the larger the litter, the greater the proportion of defectives, at least five, and possibly all of the eight, will be handicapped and defective.

Deliberately creating defective children constitutes cruelty to children, and cruelty to my children, because my kids will be the taxpayers who will have to continue paying for the consequences of her mental illness for the next fifty years. The latest estimates are that her seven to ten children with disabilities will cost taxpayers more than $5,000,000 over their lifespans.

She, of course, will pay nothing at all toward this expense.

We all have the right to object to her mentally ill, incredibly selfish cruelty to her children and mine.

Yes, this is a democracy.

Obviously you do not know what democracy means. It means that I have a right to express my opinion, you ignorant bitch.

You move to Canada and take mentally ill Nadya and her litter of tax leech defectives with you.

Please answer my question: that you also are a single mother welfare leech, aren’t you?


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