Patriots Grateful To Barack Obama

April 17, 2009 at 10:44 pm 1 comment

Obama released CIA memos describing interrogation using waterboarding and banging heads against soft but noisy walls.

It should be noted that none of these methods involve any physical harm. Not temporary harm. Not permanent harm. But they do frighten the combatants who were captured on the battlefield while trying to kill Americans.

God forbid that we frighten people who were trying to kill us.

The far left, the rabid left, the deceitful leftists including John McCain who gets elected as a Republican but whose issues all coincide with the far left progressives, together condemn the acts of frightening extremist killers as “torture.”

Spain, our wonderful ally (?) was convening tribunals to prosecute Bush administration officials for “torture.” Remember Spain? As soon as Al Quada bombed a commuter train, timed to influence national elections, the brave leaders of Spain pulled all their troops out of the MidEast  like the frightened little girls they are.

Now Spain is an Al Quada ally, and is a big investor in Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Cuba is another nation that Obama is favoring without getting any concessions or improvements in human rights in exchange for supporting Castro’s dictatorship.

But back to we Patriots being grateful to Obama.

Obama, after compromising CIA operations, and providing valuable information and recruiting tools to Al Quada by releasing the waterboarding memos, pretended patriotism by saying he would not prosecute the CIA agents involved.


This is how low America has sunk!

We are forced to be grateful to a President, who never served his country, for not prosecuting true American patriots who served their country, risked their lives (which Obama will never do), dedicated themselves to careers in an unpopular agency, and performed the most unpleasant tasks of interrogating the murderers.

These patriots have to be grateful to Obama for not prosecuting them!

All true Americans want to puke!

How can we recruit and retain truly talented patriots to save America in the CIA, the most crucial and important part of the entire US Government, when they have to be grateful to a church basement rabble rouser for not prosecuting them for their patriotism?

And to cap it all, the rabble rouser appointed to head the CIA, to lead the CIA into future greatness in saving America, Leon Panetta, the ass-licking bureaucrat who Bill Clinton used to downsize the CIA and to strip the CIA of the agents who were needed to get vital intelligence abroad. Leon Panetta is the man who caused us not to have information on WMDs in Iraq and Iran. Leon Panetta is the man who caused all the Gulf Wars.

So Fluffy Obama appoints Panetta to lead the CIA?

America is doomed.


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  • 1. MAS1916  |  April 22, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Obama is subservient to European interests and will serve the interests of the word’s leftists. America is destined to “serve” the world instead of her own citizens.

    Prosecuting those that kept America safe after 9/11?

    What a joke!


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