Made In China Wings Fall Off Newest Boeing Jetliner

June 23, 2009 at 11:31 am 1 comment

Boeing today announced that it is delaying the first test flight of its new 787 Dreamliner because of problems attaching the Made In China wings to the fuselage.

The most critical and advanced technology of jets are in the wings.

Because of bribery and intimidation, Boeing agreed to give all their technology to China and let the Commies make the most advanced wings in teh world using our technology.

Now Boeing cannot get the Chinese wings attached to the plastic jet body.

They have been having this problem for more than two years and the Boeing Creamliner keeps getting delayed again and again.

At the saem time the Commies have introduced their own new jetliner so they do not have to buy the mediu range planes form the West.

Cannot we ever learn?

Teach our enemies our secrets and they harm us using what we gave them?

Morons at Boeing.

Morons in the White House?

America is doomed by its own stupity.

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  • 1. ruben  |  October 13, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    So, let me get this straight
    Chinese tell Stupid Greedy Americans
    They will buy their airplanes if they only tell them how to build the wing. Stupid Greedy Americans agreed. The Chinese deliver an unusable wing to the Retarded Greed Americans. Then the Chinese build their own Airplane using the American wing design And cancel the order to buy the American Airplane.
    Did I get that Right ?
    Are the people at Boeing complete idiots ?


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