Sweep Away Socialism One Democrat At A Time

April 20, 2010 at 11:03 am 3 comments

Sweep Away Socialism One Democrat At A Time

Socialists are breathtakingly violent. Tea Partiers are peaceful.

  Democrats burned Bush in effigy. Google “Bush Hitler” and see the Democrats rant.

  Socialist hero George Bernard Shaw believed that the genetically less desirable were swamping the more desirable, and must be liquidated. Shaw invented the gas chambers well before Hitler, under Eugenics, to reduce the over-population of the Earth.

 The genocide you never heard of: Stalin forced Ukrainian peasant to give up their farms. In 1933 Stalin starved millions of Ukrainians to death so he could sell their unusually large bumper crops to the West for hard currency to build weapons factories.

 Stalin took everything: their freedom, their land, and their lives. During the extreme famine there was widespread cannibalism. The Soviet troops bulldozed mass graves and buried millions of peasants, many of whom were still alive. Witnesses cried that the earth was moving as Soviets shoveled it over starving but alive people. While Hitler killed approximately 6,000,000 Jews during seven years, but Stalin starved to death between 7 and 10,000,000 Ukrainians in a single year.

 Walter Duranty, New York Times reported Aug 23, 1933 reported callously “There is no starvation, but there are widespread deaths from malnutrition.” The Times also printed “You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.” The Times has always been Extreme Radical Left.

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  • […] Tea Partiers are peaceful. Democrats burned Bush in effigy. Google Bush Hitler and see …Continue Reading… Cancel […]

  • 2. Cortney  |  August 25, 2010 at 11:32 am

    Yeah, your one example of how Tea Party activists are more peaceful because Bush as Hitler was burned in effigy kind of falls flat when every single Tea Party protest has at least one guy with a poster of Obama as Hitler, when pretty much every Tea Partier against healthcare reform called he and his administration Nazis, when they talked about “Nazi death panels”… so, basically the difference is that the Bush Hitler effigy was burned. So… that’s the “breathtaking” violence of modern socialists? Yawn.

    Your other examples are valid, but again, in modern countries with various levels of socialized this or that- like Britain, or the Netherlands, or Japan, or Germany- life is pretty good. It’s different than American life, and it’s not “right or wrong”, but it’s still pretty good for the average citizen- and all of my friends in many such countries around the world like their way of life, and are not interested in the American way. By your logic I could point to the disgusting, appalling violence of the Crusades and say that all of Christianity is violent and wants to kill anyone who is not a Christian. Or, I could kindly point out that the Nazis were good Christian men and women, so all Christians are, at heart, capable of violent genocide. But… that wouldn’t be a fair or valid comparison, so I wouldn’t make such a ridiculous point.

    • 3. ngoldfarb  |  November 9, 2010 at 12:18 pm

      Sorry but only Socialist nations lower the standard of living and wipe out free speech and murder their own civlians in the name of their ideology.


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