Flying PIGS, Green Jobs and Marijuana Highs

May 2, 2010 at 2:20 pm 2 comments


The British elections are suddenly about immigration. Great Briton is part of the European Union, so anybody anywhere in the EU has the right to move to Briton and work there. Unemployment in England is high. College graduates cannot find a job, and what jobs there are, are significant portion of the British think should go to the native born British people! Can you imagine such racist prejudice?

Boy oh boy, Obama could really straighten them out! The Messiah should send some of our May Day Immigration protestors to London.

The elite do not get it.

Immigration is about jobs and the deficit.

The PIGS are Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain, all of which have out of control spending, exploding deficits, and rapidly falling bond ratings. In other words, the PIGS are living the Obama dream of Change.

 Spain followed the Obama Green Jobs blueprint. The Spanish government ran all kinds of publicity about all the Green Jobs Spain was creating, including the marijuana-smoking fantasy that for every carbon based job they lost, two new Green Jobs blossomed on the plain. You know, like in the Julie Andrews musical “The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain!”

Ooops, turns out the Spanish government was lost in a musical marijuana fantasy. It turns out that the New Green Spain has now crossed 20% unemployment, heading in the wrong direction.

Is this the Green Jobs model that Obama has in mind for the US?

Obama believe there is no need for a Green Card to get Green Jobs in the US. Obama sees enough imaginary new green jobs for everybody in the world if they would just walk in to Phoenix, Arizona and vote the straight Democratic Party line ticket. Never mind that even our corrupted Department of Labor reports 9.6% unemployment, or 19.6% if you include electrical engineers flipping burgers at White Castle.

Spain, of course, was the victim of a train bombing by Al Qaeda just before their Presidential election. The new government got the message and withdrew Spanish troops from Iraq so Al Qaeda would not bomb them again.

That freed up the attention of the Spanish government to focus on Man Made Global Warming and creating a new economy rejecting carbon based business and focusing on Green Jobs, following the model Obama proposes for America with his Cap and Trade carbon taxes and wasteful, economy destroying subsidies for Green Technologies that simply are not economically feasible.

The Spanish version of Green Jobs is 20% unemployment. Oh, is that close to the 19.6% in the US?

Spain, of course, is racing towards more complete Socialism, and the Spanish deficit is in a competition with unemployment to see which can increase more quickly.

Greece, of course, is Spain on steroids but without the Green Jobs. The Greek Army joined the protestors over cuts in government spending.

The Greek government is not trying to balance the budget. No, no, Nannette. Greece is far too Socialist to entertain such an idea. Greece is merely trying to reduce the deficit enough so Germany will loan them more money to be immediately paid out as social justice and redistribution of wealth.

Unfortunately, Greece has run out of wealth to redistribute, so now social justice can only be achieved by borrowing money from Germany.  The German’s have not yet figured out that the loans will never be repaid. Or have they?

Is this a case of one Socialist government wafting its head in a marijuana cloud of disbelief , in total rejection of reality, vaguely hoping that miracles will happen and  Obama will create such a wealth of new Green Jobs in “Yes We Can America” that the US taxpayer will bail them all out?

But the US can only borrow enough from China and Japan to cover the Bush deficit. America has no idea where the money will come from to cover the Obama deficit, which makes the Bush deficit look like a minnow.

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  • 2. Twitchy  |  May 3, 2010 at 3:26 am

    Hey, Babe, cut down on the LSD. Please, it’s for your own good. These bad trips are getting to be too much.

    Rather than kvetching all over us, why not propose a reasonable immigration policy for the U.S.?

    Here’s mine, focused on our current illegal immigration problems:
    1. Create two temporary worker programs, one for ag workers, one for everybody else. First choice for the “everyone else” program goes to those illegals who are already here, have steady jobs, and no criminal record. Numbers should be limited to no more than a couple of million in each program, based on need for the workers.

    2. Clarify the 14th amendment, with another amendment if necessary. Children born here are citizens only if at least one parent is here legally, meaning citizens or permanent resident aliens. Temporary workers do not qualify. And clearly define what we want “natural-born citizen” to mean: citizens who obtained their citizenship by being born here to legal parents or who were born overseas to parents at least one of whom was a citizen at the time of birth. The usual exception for diplomatic personnel, etc..

    3. Provide employers with a simple system to verify employment eligibility. Employing someone who isn’t passed by the system results in fines of $1,000 per illegal employee per day of employment.

    4. Temporary workers are not eligible for citizenship, but are eligible to become permanent resident aliens, whereupon they become eligible for citizenship on the same terms as any other permanent resident alien.

    5. Temporary workers and their families are not eligible for any type of government assistance.

    6. Once the lack of jobs reduces the number of illegals, beef up border security.


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