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Patriots Grateful To Barack Obama

Obama released CIA memos describing interrogation using waterboarding and banging heads against soft but noisy walls.

It should be noted that none of these methods involve any physical harm. Not temporary harm. Not permanent harm. But they do frighten the combatants who were captured on the battlefield while trying to kill Americans.

God forbid that we frighten people who were trying to kill us.

The far left, the rabid left, the deceitful leftists including John McCain who gets elected as a Republican but whose issues all coincide with the far left progressives, together condemn the acts of frightening extremist killers as “torture.”

Spain, our wonderful ally (?) was convening tribunals to prosecute Bush administration officials for “torture.” Remember Spain? As soon as Al Quada bombed a commuter train, timed to influence national elections, the brave leaders of Spain pulled all their troops out of the MidEast  like the frightened little girls they are.

Now Spain is an Al Quada ally, and is a big investor in Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Cuba is another nation that Obama is favoring without getting any concessions or improvements in human rights in exchange for supporting Castro’s dictatorship.

But back to we Patriots being grateful to Obama.

Obama, after compromising CIA operations, and providing valuable information and recruiting tools to Al Quada by releasing the waterboarding memos, pretended patriotism by saying he would not prosecute the CIA agents involved.


This is how low America has sunk!

We are forced to be grateful to a President, who never served his country, for not prosecuting true American patriots who served their country, risked their lives (which Obama will never do), dedicated themselves to careers in an unpopular agency, and performed the most unpleasant tasks of interrogating the murderers.

These patriots have to be grateful to Obama for not prosecuting them!

All true Americans want to puke!

How can we recruit and retain truly talented patriots to save America in the CIA, the most crucial and important part of the entire US Government, when they have to be grateful to a church basement rabble rouser for not prosecuting them for their patriotism?

And to cap it all, the rabble rouser appointed to head the CIA, to lead the CIA into future greatness in saving America, Leon Panetta, the ass-licking bureaucrat who Bill Clinton used to downsize the CIA and to strip the CIA of the agents who were needed to get vital intelligence abroad. Leon Panetta is the man who caused us not to have information on WMDs in Iraq and Iran. Leon Panetta is the man who caused all the Gulf Wars.

So Fluffy Obama appoints Panetta to lead the CIA?

America is doomed.

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Barack Obama Gave Up Church For Lent

The Obama family has not been seen in any Christian church since the first  weeks immediately linked to the fumbled inauguration when the press demanded photo opps of the family appearing  to be worshipping.

Since then, no Obama family member has been seen in any Christian church!

The only connection of Obama to Christianity since early February was in Turkey when Obama told the world “We do not consider ourselves to be a Christian Nation.”

Other than that, the only other connection of Obama to any religion was when he bowed on camera to the world leader of Islaam, the King of Saudi Arabia, his Exalted Highness, the keeper of Mecca and Medina.

UPDATE: Obama hosted a Seder celebration of Passover in the White House last night.

Now that the tide of state approvals of gay marriage is flooding America, our citizens may expect a revolution of “true equal sexual and reproductive rights” according to the ACLU. I strongly oppose these, but predict we will see all these “recognitions of equal rights“:

First: the legalization of polygamy (which is already creeping across Canada);

Second: abolition of those “obsolete” laws prohibiting sex with animals; possibly legalizing reproduction with half animal offspring as a new generation of “community organizers” for Acorn;

Third: lowering the age of both sexual  consent and of marriage to what has long been considered the age of reason: eight or nine years of age. That, of course, would merely be conforming US laws to the Prophet Muhamed’s marriage to a nine year old bride. Or at least that is what is written in the Quran.

Change you can believe in.

I am so very happy that our electorate had the foresight and undrstanding to elect a baby raised on foodstamps to the Presidency.

With any luck, we may be able to amend the Constitution so that all eight of Octomom Nady Suleman’s litter may become President simultaneously at age eight.

Why eight? Because there are eight of them. And if that is to be the new age of sexual consent and marriage, if they are old enough to screw, they are old enough to screw America.

Really, it would be no different than our situation today. Our President has no more relevant experience to be President than any other eight year old food stamp baby.

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Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Debt and Bill’s Charitable Foundation: Conflict

Hillary Clinton has written off the $13 million she loaned her campaign, and can afford it because she and Bill have earned  more than $109 million in recent years. Sure pays to be an impeached Democrat.

However, Hillary still owes milllions to vendors to her campaign, so she has purchased the mailing list from Bills charitable foundation. She and he have not disclosed how much her campagin paid the foundation for the mailing list, if anything.

The impeached Clinton’s mailing list is reputed to be the second most effective fundraising list in the world, after Obamas. Presumably it includes international criminal Marc Rich whom Clinton and Eric Holder pardoned.

And we think Rod Blagojevich can’t keep his nose clean?

If you are a Democrat, then, well. . .

It just goes on and on.

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Paid Communist Agent Behind Barack Obama

Read this fantastically detailed article on paid Communist Agent behind Barack Obama and David Axelrod!!!

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Results of Early Israeli Votes for Obama

Surprise! Israel landslide 76% for John McCain!

Last nights poll of American citizens voting by absentee ballots in Israel votes 76% McCain, only 24% Obama

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4,316 Best Reasons for Barack Obama

Click on THIS VIDEO for 4,316 best reasons to vote for Barack Obama.

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Obama’s Economic Plan

It is unfair to Obama to expect him to have any understanding of the for profit, free enterprise, small business, retirement savings, or even having a family to meet a monthly budget, because Sen. Obama has never had any contact with these issues that make up most of America, even though he wants to CHANGE all of that.

He never met a family budget because nonprofits, charities, political contributors and the taxpayers, along with Muslim extremists, have always given him everything he wanted. So, maybe he is not just like us. Here are his latest proposals, which, OF COURSE will cost taxpayers even more billions on top of the trillion of new spending he already propposed:

Obama Want Us to Save Less, especially for Retirement

Obama was on TV today Oct. 13, 2008 saying he wants us to take $10,000 out of our 401(k) and tax deferred retirement savings tax free to help stimulate the economy.

Simultaneously, he wants stimulus to credit card, car loan and business loan companies to lend us more money.

Duh! Isn’t too much debt and lack of savings what got us into this mess?

Barry, the reason there are tax penalties on early withdrawals from 401(k) and other retirement plans are twofold:

(1)  We are supposed to accumulate our savings long term so the money is there when we retire. The tax penalty on early withdrawal is to prevent people from doing stupid things like stealing from their retirement for current pleasures. There is a concept called Deferred Gratification, but Barry wouldn’t know about it because his entire life has consisted of charities and taxpayers fulfilling his every need every day of his life. Barry took a four month trip around the world after his sophomore year in college without ever having worked a day in his life. Barry went to Indonesia, Pakistan and Africa with his Two Pakistani Muslim friends who today control his Presidential campaign finance. Where did the money come from for his “Round the Muslim World” sophomore trip, and where does the money actually come from for his current campaign?

(2) All retirement accounts are restricted to investments which help build the economy. Retirement accounts are either banking deposits, stocks and other instruments which supply capital to build the capitalistic economy. In case you have not noticed Barry, the government is taking a trillion dollars of taxpayer money to increase the capitalization of the same companies that will lose capital when people withdraw $10,000 from their retirement accounts.

So with one hand Barry will take money out of retirement capital investments, while the other hand uses tax payer dollars to inject capital into the companies from which the withdrawals come/

This is economic insanity. But if Barry has never been part of the economy, how can we expect him to know anything? I guess I am unfair to Barry for exposing his insane ignorance of the economy.

Obama Plan to Flush Money Down Toilet

Barry proposes to flush billions of dollars down the toilet. Barry, who has never had any involvement with a for profit business, free enterprise or the economy, now wants the government to lend directly to small businesses to meet their payrolls and buy inventory.

Although I am sure that when Barry’s plan is passed it will provide small businesses with money for absolutely anything.

Barry is so ignorant of how business works that he believes this will help the economy and build jobs.

Barry, the first rule of small business lending is simple. Read this Barry: Four out of five small businesses fail within three years.

For that reason real honest to goodness lenders will not lend to small business unless the loan is totally secured by tangible assets that can be sold to pay off the loan when the business goes bankrupt.

The reason small businesses will flock to the government for loans will be to take the money and run.

Any new government program to lend to small businesses is money that the taxpayers will never get back

Oh, then there is the matter of which voting groups would actually get the money? Are they the same people for whom ACORN gets toxic home mortgages? Surely these loans will not go only to people who voted for Barry.


 To help impeach Obama from the Senate and, god forbid, from the Presidency, send a blank email to


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Prosecuter Who Let Ayres Get Away With Killing 3 Policmen is Outraged Re Obama

William C. Ibershof was the bureaucrat in charge of prosecuting William Ayres, whose group murdered three police officers, fire bombed the house of a judge while his wife and children were inside, and bombed the pentagon, etc,. etc. etc.  Ibershof did not convict Aryes even though Ayres is clearly guilty. In the NY Times he writes: “I am amazed and outraged that Senator Barack Obama is being linked to William Ayers terrorist activities 40 years ago when Mr. Obama was just a child. Although I dearly wanted to obtain convictions against all the Weathermen, including Bill Ayers, I am very pleased to learn that he has become a responsible citizen.”Liar! Ayres is on Chavez Venezuelan payroll for currently serving on a phony front organization prominently misused on the Venezuelan government website; is unrepentent; and controlled Obama (Ayres hired Obama as President and Chief Executive of CAC during these five years) to misuse $110 million of charity funds meant for education into brainwashing kids into anti-American activists. Mr. Ibershof,  America is outraged to hear from you on anything at all.

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A Sesquipedalian is a person who uses polysylabic words. If you are an ACORN supporter, “polysylabic” means “long.” Sesquipedalians are usually intelligent persons with extensive vocabularies and few friends. Barry Obama uses long sentances but is not a sesquipedalian.

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Barry Obama Sneaked In Law Without a Vote Giving Illegal Aliens More Important Rights Than You and I Have

The most important legislation passed by Barack Obama in the short time he was in the Senate before going AWOL to run for President was astounding.

What is even more astounding is that I cannot get any of the media, not even Bill O’Reilly to cover this crime against America.

At the very last minute, actually during the night before the 2006 National Budget  was to be signed into effect by Dummie George Bush, Obama tacked on a clause that became official US Federal law the next morning without any discussion or vote. This is another example of why our broken legislative branch must be reformed. We simple cannot afford to continue a system where any schmuck elected Senator can pass a law without anyone knowing about it until it is too late.

Obama’s add on said that any illegal alien can sue his employer (and the US Government, i.e., you and I Dear Taxpayes will pay the illegal aliens’ legal fees!!!!) to get a pay raise.

No, you say, that cannot be true? Yes, I say, here is how it works.

In Federal Labor Law there is the concept of “Prevailing Wage,” which means the median wage paid within a geographic area such as an SMSA for a category of work, such as semiskilled roofers working on asphalt shingles on single family homes.

Median Wage of course means that hourly wage where half of all workers earn less than that hourly wage.

Pay attention! Half of all workers earn less than the media wage, which translates to mean half of all legal citizens, because the Department of labor does not collect wage data on illegal aliens.

Obama’s Law says that if an illegal alien thinks he was paid less than half of all citizens doing his job, you and I and the US government will pay his lawyers’ fees for him to get paid the median wage, which is more money than half of all US citizens earn doing the same job.


Believe it or not, that law is in force today.

Believe it or not, none of the MSM (Main Stream Media), or even the fringe media, are covering this. If you have any media contacts or even just email addresses for any reporter, please copy this post and email it to them.

Obama having made this law should disqualify him from becoming President. Please everybody copy this post and email it to your entire address book and to your local newspaper and TV stations.

Then send a blank email to so we can impeach Barack Obama from the Senate, or from the presidency if necessary.

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