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Whats the Difference Between Barack Obama and George Bush

One became president. . . .

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Petition to Impeach Barack Obama

The Impeachment of President and/or Senator Barack Obama

Sign the petition by sending a blank email to:

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama has refused to comply with the reporting requirements of the FEC the Federal Elections Commission to collect and report the name, address and employer of each person donating to his Presidential election campaign. Barack Obama knew, or should have known, that his Patistani friends in charge of his much bally-hooed internet fundraising apparatus, did knowingly and deliberately disable the standard security mechanism used on virtually every internet site accepting credit cards that matches the name and address filled out on the internet with the name and address of the credit card holder on file with the credit card company.

By disabling this standard feature, Senator Obama knowingly and intentionally permitted any credit card holder to violate the $2,300 per person contribution limit by using the same credit card over and over and over and over again to contribute under an unlimited number of phony names and address and employers.

Even worse, by disabling this standard security feature, Senator Obama permitted non-citizen foreigners to contribute to his election, which is forbidden by law. It is absolutely illegal. Obama got elected President by breaking the laws!

Because Obama’s record keeping does not include the credit card number used for each donation, we will never know how many contributions were by foreign Muslim terroists, the Venezuelan government, or by ACORN using tax dollars for unlimited illegal contributions to Obama.

But now we do know how Obama got such unbelievable huge contributions. Most of them were illegal. How can we tolerate a President elected illegally?

Sign the petition by sending a blank email to:

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama has lied to the American voters about his being an employee for seven years of a violent terrorist who plotted to overthrow the US Government; who currently serves on a Venezuelan goverenment sponsored organization that advocates a Communist revolution in the USA; and who plotted to kill 25,000,000 Americans whom he believed could not be “re-educated” to hiis Communst beliefs.

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama has hidden from the electorate that his sole executive experience was to misuse $110,000,000 in charitable donations.

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama has refused to produce a valid “vault” copy of his birth certificate or other evidence that  (a) he was born in the USA as required by the Constituion, and so is not qualified to be president, and (b) has not proven he is a US citizen, and therefore not qualified to be a US Senator.

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama is an admitted Illegal drug user and is believed to have used illegal drugs as recently as November 1999 or more recently. Mr. Obama has maintained contact with other admitted illegal drug users.

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama has maintained regular contact with known criminals such as Antoin (Tony) Rezko and other criminal elements in Chicago and Illinois. Mr. Obama has conducted business with these criminals and received campaign
donations from them. Mr. Obama was compelled to return an estimated $250,000 in donations related to Tony Rezko.

 Whereas: Senator Barack Obama has consistently lied about his contact with convicted criminal Tony Rezko. The Tony Rezko corruption trial revealed that FBI mole John Thomas helped investigators “build a record of repeat visits to the old offices of Rezko and former business partner Daniel Mahru’s Rezmar Corp., at 853 N. Elston, by Blagojevich and Obama during 2004 and 2005” according to the February 10, 2008 Chicago Sun-Times.

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama has engaged in unscrupulous business practices, in particular with Mr. Robert Blackwell. Mr. Obama received an
$ 8,000 per month “legal retainer” from Mr. Blackwell for a total of $112,000 and reported the income through his law firm in a manner not unlike money laundering. Mr. Obama, along with Obama campaign manager Dan Shomon, procured $ 320,000 in state grants for Blackwell’s company Killerspin. Blackwell companies contributed over $ 32,000 to the Obama campaign in 2007.

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama used the office of IL Senator to facilitate the vote rigging in Chicago as chairman of the Illinois Senate Health and Human Services Committee. Mr. Obama pushed legislation in Senate Bill 1332 to reduce the number of members of the Health Facilities Planning Board from 15 to 9. Mr. Obama did conspire with Stuart Levine, Tony Rezko and Rod
Blogojevich to rig the committee and was rewarded with campaign contributions. The new members appointed included 3 doctors who contributed to Mr. Obama. On April 21, 2004, Stuart Levine explicitly advised Dr. Robert Weinstein, who is now indicted, of Tony Rezko’s role in manipulating the Planning Board’s vote.

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama has engaged in lies and deception about his past. Mr. Obama lied about his contact level with convicted criminal Tony Rezko, the amounts and sources of campaign contributions and encounters with the law. A complaint has been filed with the Bar Association of Illinois alleging that Mr. Obama did not answer truthfully all questions on the application to the bar.

Whereas: Senator Barack Obama has invoked the FOIA in Illinois when it was politically expedient and ignored or violated the FOIA at other times. In the Illinois Senate proceedings regarding Senate Bill 1416, Mr. Obama pleads the importance of
businesses bidding on state contracts having improved access to FOIA data. When later questioned about his records during his term in the IL Senate, Mr. Obama gave evasive answers or refused to supply records.

Whereas: The First Amendment provides a right for the people “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Precedents exist for impeachment and expulsion of a US Senator. Senator William Blount was impeached by the House on July 7, 1797 and expelled by the Senate the next day.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, the people, Undersigned, being citizens of the United States and residents in the Cities and States so
indicated, HEREBY Demand that the Congress of the United States begin immediate impeachment and/or expulsion proceedings against Senator Barack Obama.

Whereas as a US Senator, Barack Obama violated the stated intention of his 2006 Official Government Visa to Africa by publicly propagandizing for his cousin, Railla Odinga against the US democratic ally of Kenya.
Whereas the stated “mission” of Senator Obama’s Official Visa, according to the Kenya Office of Public Communications, was to “nurture relations between the Continent and the United States” he, instead, made public protest before Kenya citizens to rally against their leadership, invoking a need for “Change!” and accusing this US allied nation of “corruption.” In Official Protest of Mr. Obama’s passport abuse and misconduct, Kenya’s government cited his “extremely disturbing statements on issues which it is clear, he was very poorly informed, and on which he chose to lecture the Government and the people of Kenya on how to manage our country.”

 Whereas, furthermore, there is no public record of any sanctions or reprimand by the US Congress of Senator Obama’s passport violation or campaigning on foreign soil against a US ally, history has since recorded the broadspread destruction of Kenya’s economy and large scale loss of life, including burning alive of fifty Christians seeking sanctuary in a Church, as a result of the violence instigated by Odinga’s ODM campaign there, as supported by Senator Barack Obama in violation of the US Constitution.

Sign the petition by sending a blank email to:

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Obama Sinks to New Low, Obama Calls Sarah Palin A “Pig”

Senator Barack Obama wants to change the way Washington works. He claims he wants to change politics, so that we can all work together.

Yet there is not a single example in his history where he has crossed the aisle for bipartisanship.

In fact he has no history of ever doing anything. Except writing his memoirs. TWICE.

So we can only judge him by his words. In his own words: “Words matter.” In the absence of having ever accomplished anything, we can only judge him on what he says.

Now, when the Republicans had differences with the major Democratic lady candidate, they argued the issues. Republican candidates and elected officials never called Hillary names.

Senator Barack Obama, as the Democrat at the top of the ticket, who wants to lead America to “restore our reputation in the world,” has set a genuinely new standard for political discourse in the Westen World of civilized nations.

Unfortunately, the Obama standard is noteworthy in that it defines not a new high, but a new low for political conduct.

In no civilized nation do any high ranking candidates of any political party refer to their female opponents as pigs with lipstick.

No Republican member of the Senate, the House or a Governor has ever called Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro a pig. Never. Republicans never sink that low.

But Obama sinks that low.

Does anyone seriously want a President who calls women who disagree with him a “PIG?”

Obama has lowered the glass ceiling.

Obama has insulted every woman in America.

Obama has insulted every American by lowering our national debates into the gutter, thereby defining himself as a gutter person.

Clearly, Senator Obama is an inhabitant of the gutter.

Do not let Barack Obama drag us, drag our beloved Nation, down into the gutter.


Obama: “You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig – It’s Still A Pig…

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Obama Linked to Anti-Feminist Attacks

I am not the only one who saw it on the new David Gregory show on MSNBC

Gregory was interviewing Obama paid senior staff, Stephanie Cutter and she used totally crude, offensive, anti-feminist, anti-women, phrases like Sarah Palin’s Reproductive Organs, which would never be used referring to a man. Scumbag Obama.

This Obama staff member also said women who support Sarah Palin are put in a silo.

Put women in a silo?

Talk about elite snobbery against women from small towns who have a thought different than Obama wants us to have.

We women believe in 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling without Obama putting us in a silo and saying that we women think only with our reproductive organs.

here is a link to another blogger who heard the same surilous Obama staff on MSNBC that I heard

there was more unacceptable disparaging remarks about Walmart Women.

Obama you elitist snob, there are ten times more Walmart Women than you will get votes.

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