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Did You Know the Group William Ayers Headed Killed More People Than The Ku Klux Klan

In the last 50 years the KKK Ku Klux Klan killed 6 people compared to William Ayers’ group, the Weathermen, which murdered 7 people, not counting the three Weathermen who blew themselves up while making bombs in Greenwich Village. Seventeen children were left without fathers. They attempted to murder 5 more innocents when they fire bombed the home of a judge in the middle of the night, when his innocent children were asleep in the home.

In 2001 Ayres told the New York Times he is sorry they did not do more! They claimed responsibility for more than 30 bombings!

Sorry that he did not murder more people and orphan more children?

Ayres dedicated one of his books to Sirhan Sirhan. For those of you who do not know American history, Sirhan is the young male Muslim who blew the brains out of JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy while he was running for President. How can this rat be the darling of universities accross America?

The Ayers/Obama people tell the lie that Ayers’ group were merely anti-Vietnam war protestors. Absolutely untrue. According to court filings, FBI wiretaps, and the FBI agents who infiltrated undercover, the goal of the Ayers’ led Weathermen was to take control of America in a violent revolution, and to change us into a classic Communist country. They opposed the Vietnam war not because it was a war, but because it was a war against Communism.

William Charles Ayers, his wife Bernardine Rae Dohrn née Ohrnstein, and his group were such wacked-out, murderous lunatics, so psychotically out of touch with reality, that they actually believed that by setting off more than 30 bombs and murdering police officers, that they could overthrow our government and seize control in a Communist dictatorship.

This explains why Ayers is today on the board of a Hugo Chavez phony non-profit that advocates a Communist revolution in the USA. Today! Right now!

Do not forget that Barack Obama Sr. met Barry’s mother in a Russian language class, and they both believed Communism was the best form of government. Barack Sr. became an outcast in Kenya when he failed to change their economy to Communism, and died in a DUI accident from despair over failing to establish Communism in Kenya.

The FBI agent who infiltrated Ayer’s group said they had a meeting devoted for several hours to the logistics of how, after they took over America by violence, they would “eliminate” (that means “kill”) the 25,000,000 people who they thought could not be “educated” to their political beliefs. In the words of another mass murderer, Adolph Hitler: “Verstehen Sie?” Ayers’ ambition was to become the greatest mass murderer in history, exceeding Hitler and Stalin! And Obama chose to work under this murderer for seven years. So what did Obama learn in those seven years, and does Obama plan to eliminate those of us who cannot be “educated?”

Can you imagine the lynching that the liberals would do to Sarah or John McCain if they had been employees of a man whose group murdered seven people, and said he was sorry he did not murder more?

Really now, if McCain or Palin had ever either belonged to the KKK, or had been hired by and worked as an employee of one of the Grand Dragons of the Klu Klux Klan, then Sarah and McCain would be run out of the country, pilloried in the media, damned as beasts, condemned as evil war criminals.

Oh. The media are doing that anyway, even though they are innocent.

It is Barack Obama who is guilty of studying under and working for war criminal terrorists who are every bit as evil as the Klu Klux Klan. The only difference is that Obama’s boss and mentor killed policemen, and tried to kill a judge and his family. Cop killers are OK, and can become Mayor Daley’s Citizen of the Year, and a respected “Distinguished Professor of Education” at the University of Illinois.

And Ayers is filthy rich: his father was head of Commonwealth Edison, which supplies electricity for Chicago and Northern Illinois. Which explains why Mayor Daley loves him, and why he got away with his murders, bombings and treason. And continues to get away with it today.

And the Best Friend of the President of the United States of America.

Oh, did I forget to say that right now, today, William Ayers is currently being paid by Hugo Chavez as a member of the Board of a Venezuelan Non-Profit that advocates revolution in the United States, according to the official website of the Venezuelan government. Isn’t that treason? How can the University of Illinois employ him?

His co-leader and wife Dohrn was criticized for a comment she made about the Charles Manson led Tate murders in a speech during the December 1969 “War Council” meeting organized by the Weathermen and attended by about 400 people in Flint, Michigan: Ayers wife said “Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in their bellies. Wild!” Dohrn also charged that her fellow left-wingers showed themselves to be scared “honkies” for not burning down Chicago.

What kind of a government have we fallen to that permits a taxpayer supported university to employ wacked out, psychotic lunatics like Ayers at the University of Illinois, and his wife Dohrn at Northwestern University Law School?  Shouldn’t a law school professor be required to believe in the rule of law instead of murders, bombings and violent overthrow of the US government?

Michelle Obama met terrorist Christine Dohrn, the wife of Ayres when they were lawyers together at the biggest laws firm in Chicago. What does it say about the state of America when the biggest law firm in Chicago employees a murderous terrorist? Michelle’s friendship with the female terrorist led to Barack and Ayres becoming friends and the terrorist hiring Barack to be President of the terrorist’s giant charitable swindle, the CAC, described below.

When asked about his relationship with Ayers, Obama lied and said “He is just a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” After being confronted many times, Obama changed lies and said “his kids go to school with my kids.” Ayers children would be in their forties. Then Obama changed lies again and said he just served on “a” board with Ayers. After more confrontations, the lie changed to “served on a couple of boards with him.” He forgot Ayers started Obama’s politcal career with a fundraiser in Ayers’ home, and always has contributed the legal limit to every one of Barry’s campaigns.

Does America need still another President who lies, and keeps changing his lies?

Actually Obama “forgot” that he worked for Ayers for seven years, got that, Barry was an employee of Ayers for seven years, and Ayers is one of Barry’s mentors.

This information is not from web chatter. All the information below are facts documented in the actual Corporate Minutesof the Board of Directors Meetings of the CAC, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, historical documents archived in the library of the University of Illinois, Chicago Branch. The actual documents are very different from what is published on the Obama campaign website or on the “” website which, surprise, surprise, is operated by the same Annenberg organization that gave $110 million to the Obama/William Ayers conspiracy described below.

Is “” truly unbiased, as the website claims? Well, their parent organization gave Obama $110 million! How unbiased is that?

According to the Minutes of the Board of Directors of CAC, William Ayers hired, managed and supervised Obama as his employee to be the President and Chief Executive of the CAC Chicago Annenberg Challenge. CAC raised $110 million to “improve education in Chicago.”

According to the Corporate Minute Book records, Ayer’s created CAC and was the head of a special four person sub-group of the Board of Directors in which the murderer had two duties: First the murderer was to hire, supervise, manage and direct the CAC President, for which executive position he hired, supervised, managed and directed Barack Obama.

Ayers second duty was to evaluate and approve each and every grant made by the CAC President Barack Obama. Together Barack and the murderer cooperated to distribute $110 million.

As its President, under the supervision of William Ayers (who Obama claims he hardly knew – can you forget your first boss? Especially if you worked for him for seven years? ) Obama distributed the entire $110 million to even more radical groups, including ACORN groups, all of which helped to “educate” people in a way that got Mayor Daley get re-elected. These same “educational” groups are today are working to elect Obama President. That is why Mayor Daley made Ayers “Citizen of the Year.” Old fashioned political corruption and pay-offs.

Obama did not give a single penny of the $110 million of “educational” donated contributions to any school. That is Obama’s Executive Experience: misusing charitable donations, not for their stated mission, but to getting the most corrupt Mayor in America re-elected.

The Annenberg Foundation conducted a followup survey to see what they got for the $110 million, and found absolutely NO improvement in school test scores.

In other words, Obama’s only executive job was a total failure: he wasted $110 million. He will fit right in with Washington. Not the achievement record I would want in a President.

Here comes the new racist Klu Klux Klan, one which takes hundreds of millions of tax dollars and gives it to “Non-partisan social justice” groups (read ACORN groups, all of which are of one race, and which only works with members of that race, and only distributes its money to one race, and only registers one race to vote, and only assists getting mortgages for one race, which in the eyes of unevolved, ignorant people might appear to make them racist) and uses tax dollars to elect the most partisan President we will ever see, who surprise, surprise, just accidentally belongs to that race.

Not only does Obama belong to that race (in every sense of the word “belong”), Barack wrote in “Dreams From My Father”: I agree with the writing of Louis Farakhan (an infamous extremist racist) that he wished he could extinguish the hated white blood that flows in my veins. Are those the words of someone who seeks to bring us together? Or are those the words of a racist?

 Does America need a racist President?

America is now under the tyranny of a new dictatorship. “Dictatorship” was defined by Thomas Jefferson as using tax dollars to elect  politicians, politicians who belong to the Party in control of the tax dollars. The Democratic Congress has given hundreds of millions of dollars to ACORN. Even the liberal media are full of clips of ACORN endorsing Obama, and of Obama addressing ACORN meetings saying he will meet with all the many ACORN groups in between the election and inauguration toconfer on what new direction he and ACORN shall take our country.

Since the heroes of the new Klu Klux Klan are murderers, and proud of it, how long before the new Klu Klux Klan starts murdering those it dislikes? It has already started with Obama staff threatening to take away the broadcast license of TV stations running anti-Obama ads, banning TV stations from interviews for asking fair questions, and setting up biased, phony fronts like, which is a misuse of tax-exempt charities to fund Obama/George Orwell Ministry of Truth. For example intentionally ignores the Corporate Minute Books of the CAC when it falsely claims Obama never worked for Ayers, just accidentally sat on a Board with him.

The day after the Presidential election, I saw Ayers on TV live saying that the press distorted him into a cartoon character, and that he “hardly knew” Obama!!!! Why are they still lying? What more, beyond what is written here, are they trying to hide? Why the coverup? Is there even worse that we do not know about?

If you would like to impeach Obama from the Senate, and if need be, from the Presidency, for consorting with murderous terrorist traitors, for practicing the dictatorship of using tax dollars to fund racist groups and to influence elections, send a blank email to

Here is the post on Reasons for Impeachment


Here is a great video on the hero, the teacher of both Ayers and Obama

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