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Barack Obama Is Not New, He is An Old Fashioned Socialist Who Will “Spread the Wealth Around”

Barack claims his “Change” will lead us forward to new politics.

In reality Obama represents a return to the past, a return to the failed socialist policies of passing the wealth around. His is a politics not of equal opportunity but of equal wealth. His is a politics of the 1919 Communist movement of “to each according to his needs from each according to his means.” Obama is a pure Trotsky Communist.

There is nothing new about Obama.

Nobody was ever hired to a good job by a poor person. Only people with money are able to hire people. Don’t believe me? Go to any public housing project and ask one of the Obama supporters living there to give you a job.

At the time when our nation desperately needs new jobs, Obama wants to raise taxes on the small businesses who created all repeat ALL the new jobs of the last five years as mutinationals moved jobs overseas to lower tax nations.

Obama’s socialism of taking money from the only employers left in America will make it impossible for them to add jobs.

Obama will destroy what is left of America.

 To help impeach Obama from the Senate and, god forbid, from the Presidency, send a blank email to

October 19, 2008 at 1:48 pm 1 comment

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